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theoc71: Breaking News: Bayside Blondes regain the Unified Tag Team Championships tonight in Houston! Full details on the link below. Oct 5, 2014 20:21:55 GMT -8 *
theoc71: Here is said pic. Feb 26, 2014 14:53:06 GMT -8
theoc71: Just did a little re-edit to the EMW ShowTime Post to add in a nice little Harold Ramis Tribute pic. If I can find a Harold Ramis tribute vid on YouTube so I can put that and the pic in when I post Starlets this Friday. Feb 26, 2014 14:52:47 GMT -8
theoc71: Just added a Facebook Page Link and Twitter Page Link In The Forums so you can get to those sites easier. Nov 11, 2013 1:39:41 GMT -8
theoc71: EMW Saturday Night's Main Event (08.03.13) is now up on CAW Underground. Aug 3, 2013 13:08:48 GMT -8
theoc71: EMW Saturday Night's Main Event (06.01.13) is now up on CAWUnderground.
Jun 1, 2013 16:16:01 GMT -8
theoc71: Remember, no EMW ShowTime and no EMW Starlets this week due to EMW Saturday Night's Main Event which will be posted on CAWUnderground. May 28, 2013 21:00:44 GMT -8
theoc71: This week's EMW Starlets will be posted after NIWA Clash Of The Titans IV. Just to let everyone here know. May 3, 2013 13:30:34 GMT -8
theoc71: EMW now has a Tumblr page.
Check It Out by clicking this link!
Apr 27, 2013 16:08:17 GMT -8
fishhead2100: Huh? Apr 24, 2013 19:44:00 GMT -8
Thor: Hmmmm this might be harder than I thought Apr 23, 2013 15:29:48 GMT -8
Thor: Hello Apr 23, 2013 15:16:57 GMT -8
fishhead2100: Theo, you have way too much stuff pinned and stuff that is going on two years old. You might want unpin that... Apr 21, 2013 3:18:36 GMT -8
theoc71: The first polls for Interactive Insanity are up on EMW's Facebook Page. Mar 23, 2013 3:23:26 GMT -8
theoc71: I recently renamed some stuff on the forums and added some new sub-forums as well. More to come Feb 23, 2013 4:56:44 GMT -8
leebo4: not really Feb 16, 2013 23:28:20 GMT -8
theoc71: So any predictions for this Sunday's EMW Fight For Survival event?! Feb 16, 2013 15:25:44 GMT -8
theoc71: New Special Tuesday Edition of EMW ShowTime is now up! Feb 11, 2013 23:14:41 GMT -8
theoc71: Hope everyone is enjoying the new look so far. Hoping to add more stuff here in the coming days. Feb 11, 2013 1:11:46 GMT -8
theoc71: Testing the shoutbox Feb 11, 2013 1:01:46 GMT -8
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